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University of Dubuque


The University of Dubuque is a private Presbyterian school that was founded by Reverend Adrian Van Vilet in 1852. The university is located in Dubuque, Iowa, and was first established as a seminary school that trained ministers to serve the growing immigrant community. In 1870 the Presbyterian Church took over the school and it has been affiliated with the church ever since. The university is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Over 1,600 are enrolled in educational programs at the University of Dubuque.


Commonly called UD, the University of Dubuque has four colleges on campus that offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees. Here are some of the programs you can study at the school:

School of Business

  • Business Administration
  • Computer Information Systems

School of Liberal Arts

  • Biology
  • Communication
  • Criminal Justice
  • Department of Natural and Applied Science
  • Environmental Science
  • English
  • Fine and Performing Arts
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Religion
  • Sociology

School of Professional Programs

  • Aviation Management
  • Flight Operations
  • Computer Graphics/Interactive Media
  • Nursing
  • Health Wellness and Sport
  • Teacher Education

Theological Seminary

  • Doctor of Ministry
  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Arts in Missional Christianity

In addition to on-campus classes, students can take online courses in a number of subjects including Applied Aerodynamics, Leadership and Motivation, and Meteorology. Online courses allow students to view lectures on their own time and gives them more flexibility over when they complete their coursework.

Students who consistently excel in academics and display leadership skills are honored through the University of Dubuque Scholar Leader Program. Faculty members can recommend students or the students can apply themselves. The benefits of participating in the program include receiving recognition at commencement, distinction among peers, and mastery over the skills that employers value such as critical thinking and communication.


Those applying for undergraduate admission must have a high school diploma or GED, graduated from the top half of the senior class, and obtained an ACT score of 18 (SAT 870) or higher. Students that don’t meet the minimum requirements may be admitted to UD on a provisional basis if a counselor recommends them and they show potential for success at the school.

Transfer students that wish to complete their education at the University of Dubuque are welcomed to apply. Up to 60 credits may be transferred to UD as long as you earned at least a 2.0 or better in those classes. Students dismissed from another college must wait two semesters after the dismissal before applying to the University of Dubuque.

International students must demonstrate that they are able to effectively communicate in English. This can be achieved by passing the TOEFL test with a score of 500 or higher on the paper test. Students that don’t take the test or score below 500 may be placed in English language courses.

The University of Dubuque requires students to submit an enrollment deposit of $200 after acceptance into the school.


Here is how much it will cost you to attend the University of Dubuque:

  • Undergraduate tuition (full time): $23,540 per year
  • Student fees: $990 per year
  • Housing: $3,920 per year double occupancy
  • Books: $950 per year

Students have a number of ways to pay tuition and fees. The school allows students to make monthly payments. You can also pay your tuition in full using a credit card or bank transfer. Financial aid is available to students that need assistance paying for college. By submitting the FAFSA, students become eligible for the Pell Grant and other federal college programs. The university also has a number of grants and scholarships that students can apply for. There are several work-study programs available as well.

Campus Life

If you are interested in intercollegiate sports, then you will enjoy being at the University of Dubuque. The school has several sports programs for men and women including basketball, golf, softball, soccer, and cross country. For those that prefer not to break a sweat, there are a numerous student organizations including Alpha Eta Rho, Accounting Club, and Web for Life.

The school has six residence halls that offer several different housing options including traditional dorms, apartments, and townhomes. Almost all residence halls are coed except for the seminary townhomes. The rooms are furnished with the standard college furniture. The apartments and townhomes have living rooms and fully equipped kitchens.


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