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AIB College of Business

AIB College of Business is a small, coeducational school located in Des Moines, Iowa. The college was founded in 1921 by Ray Hansen and Everett Fenton as the American Institute of Business. The college was originally housed at the Victoria Hotel, but after several location changes finally settled on the 20 acres where it currently resides.

Educational Programs

The college offers 17 Associates of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees and 2 Bachelor of Science degrees. The bachelor degrees can be earned in Accounting or Business Administration. Many of the A.A.S degrees offered by the school can be used to enter bachelor degree programs. A sample of the associate’s degrees you can earn:

  • Accounting and Information Technology
  • Accounting and Financial Services
  • Business Administration and Financial Services
  • Business Administration – Sales and Marketing
  • Sports and Event Management
  • Travel and Hospitality Management
  • Media Communication

AIB offers an accelerated degree program that allows students to earn an Accounting or Business Administration bachelor’s degree in three years. Students would first complete the requirements for their associate’s degree after which they would only spend one additional year earning credits for their bachelor’s degree.

To help students fit classes into a busy schedule, AIB also offers distance learning and evening classes.


High school students that want to attend AIB can submit an application starting after they complete their junior year in high school. Also required is a copy of their high school transcript or GED certificate and ACT test scores 18 or above.

International students must submit an application, the international student information form, official transcripts from secondary and post-secondary schools, and a completed certification of finances. After this information has been submitted, students will be given the Certificate of Eligibility form I-20 so they can apply for a student visa in their home country. After students arrive at AIB, they must submit a TOEFL score of 550 (paper-based) or 213 (computer-based) if they come from a non-English speaking country. A $1,000 tuition deposit and proof of medical insurance is also required.

AIB has articulation agreements with several Idaho community colleges, but they also accept transfer credit from schools that are regionally accredited. Transfer students will need to submit an application and transcripts for all post-secondary schools they attended. International students wishing to transfer from another American college or university must submit the same documents required of new international applicants as well as a transfer release form, international student transfer form, and copies of their passports, I-94 forms, and I-20 forms.

AIB College of Business Tuition Costs

For the 2012-2013 school year tuition rates are as follows:

  • Full time: 12.0 – 19.5 quarter hours – $4,600
  • Part time: 6.5 – 11.5 quarter hours – $2,300
  • Less than half time: 6.0 quarter hours or less – $1,150
  • Overload: 20.0 – 22.5 quarter hours – $5,750

The school has a policy of freezing the student’s tuition as long as he or she is enrolled full time. To guarantee a spot after acceptance, students are encouraged to submit a $50 deposit within 10 days of being notified of acceptance.

Campus Life

On-campus housing is available. AIB offers 1 or 2 bedroom apartments that are partially furnished. The cost of the apartments ranges from $1,000 to $2,100 per student per term. The rent includes cable, utilities, Internet service, local telephone service, and access to the activities center. Students in certain buildings are responsible for paying electricity.

For students who enjoy participating in sports, there are several athletics programs available at the school. Men’s programs consist of baseball, basketball, golf, and soccer. The women’s sports programs consist of softball, basketball, volleyball, golf, soccer, and competitive dance. Cheerleading is the only coed sport.

Likeminded individuals can socialize and network with each other through a number of student organizations and clubs at the school including:

  • Alpha Iota Sorority
  • Business Management Association
  • Hospitality Travel Management Association
  • Institute of Management Accountants
  • Phi Theta Kappa
  • Pride Alliance
  • Residence Life Council
  • Sports and Event Management Association
  • Student Government Association

To help students obtain employment after graduation, the school provides a number of career services. In addition to job fairs, there is a bulletin board on the school’s website where students can find jobs and internships posted by interested employers. AIB also runs a clothing store that provides students with professional and business casual clothing free of charge so they can look their best when they go to job interviews.



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