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Iowa Western Community College

Iowa Western Community College (IWCC) is a two-year school located in Council Bluff, Iowa. Established in 1967, the school has several campuses in Southeast Iowa including Atlantic, Harlan, Clarinda, and Shenandoah. It is home to the alternative radio station 89.7 The River and has a flight school that provides education for a variety of aircraft-related careers. The school is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Approximately 7,200 students attend IWCC.

Iowa Western Community College Degree Programs

Students have access to 100 programs of study at Iowa Western Community College that will help them train for a career or prepare them to transfer to a four-year institution. Most of these programs terminate in Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Associate of Applied Science degrees. Here is a sample of the programs available at IWCC:

Associate of Arts

  • Aviation Professional Pilot
  • Business Administration
  • Coaching
  • Computer Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Fire Science Technology
  • Human Services
  • Technical Theatre

Associate of Science

  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Forensic Investigation
  • General Studies
  • Health and Human Performance
  • Mathematics
  • Microbiology Transfer
  • Sports Medicine

Associate of Applied Science

  • Agribusiness Technology
  • Aviation Maintenance Technology
  • Culinary Arts
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Sign Language Interpretation
  • Surgical Technology
  • Turf and Landscape Management
  • Veterinary Technology

You can also enter a number of pre-professional programs such as Pre-Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Pharmacy, and Pre-Respiratory Therapy.

Whether you want to learn something new or need to obtain or maintain a professional credential, Iowa Western Community College offers continuing education programs such as Computers, Insurance, Allied Health and Nursing, and Pharmacy Tech. Many of these courses of study can be completed online from the comfort of your home.

Western Community College Admissions

IWCC has an open-admissions policy. To be accepted, you only need to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Be aware, though, that some programs may have additional criteria that must be met before you will be admitted. It is best to visit the school’s website or call them for admission information about a specific program.

All students must take the Compass test so you can be placed in the right classes. You can submit scores from tests you have taken previously but they can be no more than two years old. The school allows you to retake the Compass test after a 30 day waiting period. There is a $15 retesting fee, however.

Iowa Western Community College Tuition Costs

The amount you pay for tuition will be determined by your residency status. Here is how much it will cost to attend Iowa Western Community College during the 2012-2013 school years:

  • Tuition (resident): $129 per credit
  • Tuition (non-resident): $134 per credit
  • Tuition (eCollege): $152 per credit
  • International student fee: $100 per credit
  • College services fee: $13 per credit
  • Housing: $1,740 to $2,770 depending on accommodations

You can pay for college using federal financial aid. There are also a number of scholarship opportunities offered by the school and the state of Iowa. The school allows students to set up payment plans for their expenses as well.

Campus Life

If you want to live on-campus, there are several housing options available. The school has 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom suites that have a living room but no kitchen. Small microwaves and refrigerators are allowed in these rooms though. There are also regular 2-bedroom apartments that can fit up to four people. These apartments have a living room, dining room, and full kitchen. Lastly, students can live in a standard dormitory in a double-occupancy room. All housing is furnished and equipped with local phone and Internet access.

Even though it is a community college, there are plenty of things for students to do. Iowa Western Community College has a robust athletic program with baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, soccer, softball, track and field, volleyball, wrestling, and cheerleading teams. If you are not interested in organized sports, you can join one of the student organizations such as Automotive Club, College Democrats, G.L.A.S.S., Phi Theta Kappa, or the Student Nursing Club. You can even create your own club if the college doesn’t have one that appeals to you.


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